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    Internationally Recognized Teaching Certificate. TESOL Advanced program at Canada TESOL Centre is an approved course that can be used to apply for TESOL Canada certification

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    If you would like to work at an university, college, private school, public school, private language school, this is the program for you.

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TESOL : Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Is a certificate that gives you the opportunity to be an international ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.
If you would like to work at an university, college, private school, public school or private language school, this is the program for you. TESOL certificate has become an 'in demand' certification in international ESL field.

Mission Statement

Training the leading ESL teachers of future is our priority since we believe ''how to teach'' is vital.
Schola TESOL Centre offers ESL teachers the opportunity to be an internationally qualified teacher in the competitive ESL field.

Why TESOL in Spain

Schola TESOL Centre is the first and only internationally recognized TESOL organization in Spain. Due to its affiliation with King George International Business College - Canada TESOL Centre, it offers the opportunity to get a Canadian Certificate without actually going abroad. After completing our 120 hour TESOL program in Spain, students can continue into a specialty program at our sister school KGIBC-CTC, Canada; TESOL for Adults, TESOL for Children, TESOL for Middle School, or TESOL for Test Preparation. KGIBC-CTC also offers an advanced TESOL program that is accredited by TESL Canada.


Language Courses Abroad

TESOL & Language Centre in Spain

English Camps
in Spain


Course Description

Schola Centre & KGIBC- CTC TESOL program is the definitive course to learn how to teach English to speakers of other languages. This intensive program covers the four main skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), as well as the key systems (lexis, phonology, grammar) inherent in language teaching. Our program is full of practical teaching tips and multiple opportunities to practice the skills as they're taught. On completion of this course, graduates will have the knowledge and skills to step into the classroom.

Course Objectives

Students will participate in lectures, discussions, pair work, listening practice, reading assignments and micro-teaching exercises to enhance their understanding of and confidence in English language teaching

  • become familiar with and be able to create icebreakers/warmers
  • discover how a lesson plan is structured
  • be able to differentiate between student-centered and teacher-centered teaching
  • become familiar with and be able to create CCQs
  • become aware of controlled, semi-controlled, and free activities
  • be able to sequence activities correctly throughout a lesson plan
  • differentiate between effective and ineffective use of the board
  • discuss how technology can be used to enhance the learning process
  • utilize different question types for a variety of purposes
  • create concept check questions for vocabulary to gauge ESL student comprehension
  • discuss the importance of pronunciation and how to best improve pronunciation
  • be able to determine which errors to correct and when and how to correct them
  • become familiar with correction symbols
  • be able to associate listening activities with appropriate levels

Student Evaluation

  • Mini Lessons: 20%
  • Quizzes: 20%
  • Micro-Teaching: 50%
  • Attendance & Participation: 10%
  • Total: 100%
  • Mock Lesson: 100%


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